VET for Western Balkans -Realized activities

Activity 5:

On 17th and 18th November 2021, our school hosted partners from Denmark and the Netherlands. The event we organized on that occasion was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, the Center for Vocational Education and Training, the Chamber of Economy, the Union of Employers, principals of neighboring vocational schools, as well as the companies we successfully cooperate with and the ones that we still seek to establish cooperation with.
The project and the future steps thereof were presented to the attendees. In addition, our guests had the opportunity to hear more about the Montenegrin educational system, the way that educational institutions function, the mutual cooperation we have, but also the problems we encounter in vocational education. At the end of this interactive meeting an example of good practice was presented, suggesting solutions for improving the much-needed cooperation with the companies. Attendees saw a short presentation on how the school had implemented practical classes in cooperation with ICT Cortex in previous school year. Our partners from the VET4WB project agreed that there should be as many such examples of a successful cooperation as possible. 
During the next activity, we organized a tour of the workshops located in the joint facilities that we share with the neighboring schools, showing thus our partners our readiness to cooperate with each other, and we thanked our colleagues for opening the doors of their school workshops to us. The visit to our school premises followed. We showed our guests how technically equipped we were, and introduced them to the procedures of assessing and monitoring students’achievements, which are completely different from the Danish. This was of great importance to them, in terms of getting prepared for the visit of our students. After the tour, we held a meeting with the school team. They expressed great satisfaction with the event they had attended. We talked about the challenges we face every day and possible solutions to overcome them. We talked about the first mobility - student structure, their educational profiles; we discussed the trainings that are required for our teachers; we agreed on the dynamics of attending school classes and carrying out internship during the mobility; we addressed all other details that are important for taking further steps.
On 18th November, we organized a hybrid interactive meeting in English with teachers and all interested students. Our partners presented the Tradium school center where the first mobility will take place. We are proud that a great number of students got involved and actively participated in the meeting, live and online. Together with our partners, we answered students’questions, but also agreed on further internal dynamics of holding meetings with the school team during the selection procedure. Moreover, students and teachers were presented the Landstedeschool center – the partner school from the Netherlands that will carry out professional trainings for our teachers in the autumn of the next school year. During the presentation, the students expressed their desire to cooperate with Dutch partners, so we all agreed to consider this idea. Good teams create good ideas 🙂
Following this meeting, we held a meeting with Bodil, the Leading Project Manager, and Udo, the Advisor for International Affairs at Landstede, with the aim to summarize all the important topics of the two day visit and agree on further steps. Bodil mentioned the necessity of good cooperation of the school with the institutions of the educational system and the employers, so we paid special attention to that topic and the obligations we have within the Join Task Force. We also talked about the next kick-off meeting, and we are extremely honored to be hosting the meeting in May 2022 for all the partners participating on the project. 
We thank all the colleagues who helped us carry out this event in the best possible manner. Although we have invested tremendous energy to organize this visit, there is no rest! The school team continues to work hard on the realization of the project.
Stay tuned!

Activity 4:

11/11/2021 an initial meeting was held for all interested students. After the principal greeted more than 60 students interested in the first mobility, the coordinator continued the meeting and communicated with the students in English. We are pleased that a great number of students have shown interest, which gives us a reason to invest even more in cooperative education. We are especially proud of the fact that a large number of girls have also expressed interest.

The students were introduced to the project, further steps of realization and the process of carrying out mobility.  In addition, further dynamics of the selection of students for mobility was agreed.

Activity 3:


The first international meeting of all partners of the VET4WB project, which was held in Denmark from 28 to 30 September 2021, has ended. Further implementation of the project has been agreed, which includes two one-month professional visits for 8 of our students and teachers, to school centers in Randers (Denmark) and Kranj (Slovenia). On this occasion, the school team visited the large educational center Tradium as well as the employers they work with. We saw where our students and teachers would stay, attend classes, do professional internships as well as attend seminars and trainings. In November, we expect the second visit to our school, this time by Danish partners, while in May next year we will host the second international meeting of all partners. 

Stay tuned!




Activity 2:


After project manager Bodil Mygin Madsen visited us in June, the Danish vocational education provider SOSU Østjylland Center invited our school to participate in the first “kick-off” meeting in Aarhus from 28 to 30 September. During the meeting, activities for the next 2 and a half years of project implementation will be discussed and agreed upon, and VET centers as well as companies involved in the project will be visited. The legal representative, LEAR, project coordinator and members of this team will take part in this event. We wish them a safe and joyful journey and a successful visit to the Danish partners!


Activity 1:


In February 2021, after several months of our school team's hard work on completing the application procedure, it was confirmed that we had become partners in the VET4WB project. The first activity was an online meeting with project managers Bodil Mygind Madsen and Niels Christian F. Vestergaard. They met our team who prepared a short presentation of the school for this occasion. Bodil and Niels introduced us to the project in more detail, and expressed great satisfaction for the future three-year cooperation!

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